Woman's Eye and World GlobesWhat if intelligence is more than just a single mind? What if, it were the collection of minds, or even intersection of mind and machine? The definition for Intelligence does provide such a wide cover. Take for example, the latest television hit aptly named, “Intelligence”. The idea that a mind can process information better than any computer can ever do, make sense of pure data is probably a good start at understanding this notion.

You must be wondering why our very first post is on intelligence. Well the fact is we are not a limited number of people working on a site as our own, we are an amalgamation of minds, meeting of like and unlike minded folks. Naturally, English UniTechnology is all about open and unhindered discussions. Expect therefore posts that border on insanity and intelligence. After all, it takes a brilliant mind to plan a brilliant crime. This once again brings us back to the problem at hand – what is intelligence?

If you were to believe that our destiny is written long before we even tread any path, then intelligence really has nothing to do with it. But if you were to believe that we tread the path we desire, on one moment’s dynamic decision then the term takes a whole different perspective.

For our first post, we will leave you with the following notion,

“Intelligence is nothing more than what the logical mind sees. Intelligence is therefore one’s duty and right” – A Sanskrit saying.